Bramah Lock

Today we received a rather unusual call at a secret location in which the customer could not gain access to a secure safe door for their cash office. Luckily they made contact with us and we were on hand to help them.

The rare lock (pictured below) was a Bramah MD27 Deadlock. Here’s a couple of pictures of the lock body and its cylinder, before we stripped, serviced and repaired it.

Bramah locks are one of the first high security designs created, dating back to 1784! These locks are still being manufactured to this day. The simple yet secure design makes it incredibly reliable and a nightmare for thieves. Unfortunately faults do occur, even on the most reliable locks.

On this occasion a part of a key snapped inside the lock, jamming the mechanism and causing the lock to remain closed even with the remaining working keys. Luckily, SG Locksmiths had all the correct equipment to gain entry, repair, clean and fully service the current lock, meaning there was no need for new keys.

Another happy customer!

You can find more about Bramah locks here:

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