Chubb 3R35 & 3G110

This week we had a call out from a customer near Llanelli in which one of their employees lost a key for a secure door at their offices. Luckily they contacted SG Locksmiths who have the experience and stock to help resolve this issue in the most time efficient and cost effective way.

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The lock above is a Chubb 3R35 five detainer locking latch. This lock, along with the 3G110 also installed on the secure door, are highly secure and extremely reliable. When keys have been lost or stolen for these locks we are able to replace the locks levers instead of just replacing the whole lock. These locks are keyed alike (one key unlocks both locks). Replacing the lever packs on both locks means that their new keys will now access both locks and their old missing key is now useless.

We cut and supplied a total of 9 new keys giving the customer peace of mind that the old missing key will no longer be able to access their property!

No job is too big or small, call us today for some expert information!

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