Swansea based CCTV Installers covering all South Wales

Need a CCTV system to protect your home or office from theft or anti-social behaviour?We can help! Having CCTV can not only capture crimes taking place, it could also prevent it even happening.

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We’re local, independent CCTV installers that are on hand to support with helpful advice and information on how to keep you and your property safe with the latest technology.

All of the systems we install come with:

IR Night-vision – Infra-red enables your camera to capture images even in little or no light.

High Definition (HD) Quality – All devices we offer to our customers are at least High Definition (HD)  quality. It’s vital that the images captured are of a good standard to enable identification.

Network Video Recorders –  or a “NVR” is essentially a recording box, usually with a high amount of over-writing memory which stores the recordings captured on the cameras so you can have peace of mind that whatever is being captured on the cameras, is being saved. NVRs can be connected to the internet, meaning you can access a live feed and even past recordings of your CCTV system.

Mobile CCTV monitoring –  the CCTV Systems we install can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet using an app, meaning you can view a live feed of your cameras from anywhere using mobile data or WiFi!

Help & advice after install – We are on hand to assist our customers even after the installation. We pride ourselves on being independent and local, giving our customers the best service, at the best prices.

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